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Winger moved back east, married actor/director Arliss Howard and raised three boys: Sam from Howard's first marriage, Noah from her marriage to actor Timothy Hutton, and the son they had together, called "Babe." She took on various projects and even taught a class ("The Literature of Social Reflection") at Harvard."I used to cry on my way to work, I was so happy," she recalls.Her role as Diana Prince’s young sister, Drusilaa inn 3 episodes of ABC’s television series named “Wonder woman”.The producers wanted her to appear more often but she refused because she feared about the role hurting her career.Although she didn't have much training as an actor, Winger took a "method" approach to her breakthrough role as Sissy in 1980's "Urban Cowboy." To prepare for the part, she took a waitress job at Gilley's bar. As a result, she was obligated to play some nude scenes. It didn't help that she and Richard Gere were like oil and water, keeping their distance from each other whenever the camera wasn't rolling.

Photo by Jeff Vespa via Getty Images"We're all freaked out," she told New York magazine in 2002, referring to women and their attitude toward aging.

Photo by Robin Platzer In her first TV role, she played Wonder Woman's kid sister Drusilla for three episodes of the 1970s series based on the comic book superhero.

Winger—seen here with several "Amazon" extras—hated the part and spent much of her salary trying to get out of her contract. the Extra-Terrestrial," though what you heard in the final film was mainly Pat Welsh, an elderly chain-smoker. T."—she played Nurse Zombie Carrying Poodle in the Halloween scene.)Winger represented herself during the negotiations for 1982's "An Officer and a Gentleman" but neglected to ask for a no-nudity clause to her contract.

While making "Terms of Endearment," Winger was told that the governor of Nebraska wanted to meet her.

Bob Kerrey was handsome, single and a Democrat, but the actress hesitated—she thought he was too conservative and looked like a Martian.

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