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Let me know if you need any kind of help with this process.

Best regards, David González Please note that this step will remove all the old files, if you have not migrated a data to the new installation folder it will be lost.

However when I go to my website https:// it still shows the default bitnami (i've removed the contents of the html file, but you can still see the title).

I am sharing How to easily update a Glass Base Lamp.

Hi @testfb24x7, Is there any reason why you want to update only your PHP version?

If there is none, then I would suggest simply migrating your application to a newer entire LAMP stack with php 7.

Regards, Jota I've told them the same thing as well.

My Joomla admin app indicates that PHP version being used is approaching end of life support and I expected it to be a simple apt-get sort of action to upgrade the PHP version.

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