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You will enjoy this scenic drive that is approximately 3 miles in length. Along the road you can visit the Ayahashi-kam sea shops and the Yakena Straits observatory, which has been selected one of the 35 best views in the Okinawa Prefecture.

【Spot name】Sea Road 【Address】Yadaira Uruma-city Okinawa 【Hours of operation】Without 【Closed on Mondays】Without When going from Katsuren peninsula to henza-jima Island take the last red bridge and will come to Ikei-jima island (伊計島).

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Once you arrive there is another great view from the Ocean observation tower.

Also impressive is the view from the beach under the bridge.

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【Closed on Mondays】Without Senaga-jima Island’s Umikaji terrace beach resort was opened in 2015.

This green and white stylish space is home to many gourmet shops and stores.

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