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The King Diamond limited edition collectible is hand painted and numbered and produced as a fine arts piece. **Now in Back Order Status** We are now on back-order for the King Diamond Rock Iconz statue.

Each statue is a hand-crafted work of art, so we are continuing production on these very limited edition collectibles until we reach the end of this limited edition. This 1/9th scale and detailing is the format used for all Knuckle Bonz products dating back to 2003.

For the husband, a gold tie tack, cufflinks, or ring are perfect.

As a gift for the couple, a diamond themed home decor gift or a personalized commemorative keepsake are lovely ideas.

franchise as rose ceremonies or two-on-one-date drama.

The jeweler himself has a long history in Hollywood, having built a reputation in the ’90s and early ’00s as the go-to guy for starlets in need of some sparkle for the red carpet or their nuptials, along with designing a line for diamond juggernaut De Beers.

Personalized anniversary gifts Anniversary gift baskets Gourmet French chocolate Wine, beer, cheese, or flower monthly gift club Anniversary artisan gift ideas Personalized novels - you are the main characters My parents recently celebrated their 60th anniversary.

But which version is best: The Hollies or Neil Diamond?Another option is the personalized 'The Story of a Lifetime' which will not leave a dry eye in the room.A bouquet of diamond white roses is also appropriate.Greetings can be solicited from Queen Elizabeth II, the President of the United States, or, in other countries, the Prime Minister.For a more exotic gift, give the couple a trip to Arkansas where they can visit Crater of Diamonds State Park which is a public diamond mine.

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