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These clues to your personality are, alongside your picture, the main motivation for a potential partner to contact you.Introduce your personal qualities in order of strength so these are memorable.An appealing dating profile is best achieved by avoiding general statements and thinking carefully about precisely why you should be contacted .The way you describe yourself here allows other singles to have a small insight into your life and imagine being with you, so give a true snapshot of your life by writing expressively about who you are and boldly defining the type of relationship you want.Research suggests that although an online dating profile with large amounts of information encourages relatively fewer contacts, those who do make contact are much more compatible for a meaningful relationship.A more engaging, detailed on-page personality will indicate a more passionate and interesting individual; exploit the room you have to show people your depth of personality.

Whether you are now a published author or go sailing every weekend, tell your potential suitors and give them the fullest impression of you that they can.An online dating profile should naturally focus on you and honestly embody your personality, since relationship success is more likely when a first online impression corresponds closely to the in-person reality.You may, of course, add up to 23 additional photos to your profile.Olivola, C., Todorov, A., Hortacsu, A., and Ariely, D. 'How Do First Impressions Impact Success in Internet Dating? Presentation at The Fourth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society, Northeastern University, Boston, 18-20 January 2008.Summer is wedding season; 35% of marriages occur during the summer months, and this year, over 800,000 couples will tie the knot in June, July, or August.

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    Once you do manage to get signed up expect to spend a fair amount of time filling out forms ranging from basic profile questions to a chemistry test.